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When Mica Meets Cabinetry in Naples Florida

By October 24, 2016blog

When Mica Meets Cabinetry in Naples Florida

I was recently on a project for a repeat customer. Last year we had applied Lusterstone & Silver leaf to a few of their tray ceilings. This year, we came back to apply Venetian plaster to the walls and Faux Onyx to some columns in the entry foyer. (I will share that project with you in an upcoming blog) The first day of the project the clients told me they might have a few more items for me to paint. We had developed a very good relationship from our first project and gained their trust. The clients showed me the built-in cabinetry in the living room and asked “what do you think Eric”.

I usually have twenty finishes that just roll off my tongue, but this time I was at a loss for words (this was very rare for me, ask my wife she will testify to this).

Here’s what happened . . .sometimes I get bored doing the obvious. I could have antiqued them, woodgrained them or painted them in an accent color all day long, “been there, done that” Sometimes I just have a need, as I say “To Faux Where No Man’s Gone Before”.

I don’t usually do this, but I asked if I could sit on her couch in the space for a while and meditate on a concept. She even offered me a glass of wine, but at 9:00am it’s a little too early for that. Bottled water was all I needed. So, I prayed to the Faux Gods and within 20/30 minutes they actually answered me. While I was admiring all the different vases and artwork in the space, I noticed a common theme of abalone & mother of pearl inlays in many of their beautiful pieces. So what came to mind was one of the latest trends in decorative finishes, Mica! I just love this material. It’s organic, its blingy and it has a very chameleon like quality, due to the translucent nature of this material. It will take on the colors of what you put under it, over it and next to it.


Okay, what to do with this epiphany of an idea! Well those ideas were flowing like Niagara Falls. I came up with Faux Wood Graining the outer areas of the doors and trim in a rich faux dark Mahogany finish to correspond with the existing furniture. We then applied a beautiful Mica inlay to the inset door panels. WA LA! A match made in heaven.

Well, the 30 minutes of quite meditative time paid off. The client was thrilled with the results! Even better, I have a new Winning Combination Finish! Since this project was completed, we have created two more unique mica/combo finishes and many more Spiegel Signature Finishes to come! To see more Mica finishes click here.

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