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Venetian Plaster in Naples Florida

By October 24, 2016blog

venetian plaster in Naples, Florida is more than just a trend it is a staple of design within the home. It is this subtle backdrop that creates the ambiance for the rest of the room. Venetian plaster is now a term that means so much more than just where its true roots come for. We are noticing that this term is being used to describe many plasters. Although the correct description of Venetian is typically described as layers of plaster applied in thin layers ultimately being burnished with a metal trowel creating a glass like effect. Un-burnished Venetian plaster in Naples, Florida is seen quite a bit as well. It can be describe as a truly matte finish created with plaster, a flawless wall really. No bumps or imperfections at all. To me there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a room that has been decorated by a professional with a Venetian plaster backdrop.

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