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Switchplate Finishes in Naples Florida

By October 25, 2016blog

Switchplate Finishes in Naples Florida: Plug into some awesome interior design details

One of my favorite sayings “Details make the difference”! So many clients have beautiful backsplashes of granite, marble, onyx, glass tile, etc. and then have these plain white switchplate covers on them!

Well I will let the pictures do the talking! “No problems, only solutions” is one of our favorite sayings at Spiegel’s Decorative Finishing Studios. So many of our clients don’t realize that there is a solution to these plain switchplates that ruin the whole aesthetic feel of what you’re trying to achieve with a decorative finish. When a client goes out to the granite factory to select a beautiful flowing piece of onyx or granite, they don’t realize until it’s installed that there will be all of these receptacle covers breaking up the organic flow of the beautiful stone or marble they selected.

Concealing the floor receptacle in the floor. I know, I know, WHAT RECEPTACLE! LOL

Never underestimate the power of a small switch plate.

Years ago, I gained a new-found respect for the “Power of the Switchplate”. I was very busy working on a big project in Port Royal of Naples, Florida with a ten-man crew, and was swamped! I received a call from a builder to go look at one switchplate in a home down the street. In those days, I didn’t have time to blow my nose, let alone go look at one switchplate. Well, I remembered one of my old slogans when I started out in the business: No job is too big or too small! So I went over and looked at the job; it was a metal switchplate in a freshly installed Oak floor. They asked if I could make it disappear. I politely told them, though I am not a magician I have performed some magic in my days. I went to the truck, got my brushes and away I went. I figured let’s just get this out of the way rather than make another trip just for one plate!

Well it went very well and they were extremely pleased with the results. So pleased that I wound up working in their home for about seven months, applying decorative finishes throughout the house and then throughout the entire exterior of the house (this is a whole separate blog topic to discuss. “exterior decorative finishes”). Moral of the story . . .never underestimate the power of just one switchplate.
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Thirty years and thousands of clients later I am left with an artistic and creative sense and sensibility to create a custom decorative finish ideal for furnishing your design.
Think of us as your wall designer.
– Eric Spiegel

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