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Repeat Customers

By October 25, 2016blog

Our Goal is to Make Every New Customer a Repeat Customer in Naples, Florida
As seen in Faux Effects World Volume XXII

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.
-Walt Disney, Founder of Disney

One of the best feelings is when you get that phone call, “Hello Eric, you did our home ten years ago–do you remember us, and are you still in business? I have a new home that I would like you to come take a look at.” I reply, “Well, of course I remember you. I am still in business, and I can even come over in about an hour? Would that work for you?” “Come on over,” she says.

We had completed some extensive work in their previous home. Pictured here is the entryway with a gold leafed ceiling and creme-colored Venetian plaster with antiqued trim work. Also, pictured is the master bath from their previous home with faux marble columns and SandStone and PlasterTex glazed walls with antiqued trim.

With the call, I knew this would be another interesting project, which indeed it was. We knew we had a hard act to follow with her master bathroom. Pictured is the master bath from the previous residence that we completed some ten years ago.

This time around, she chose a beautiful wallpaper for all the walls. Wallpaper? No problem– there were still plenty of opportunities to seize upon. You cannot give our clients too much color! For starters, we applied a beautiful custom-mixed magenta LusterStone finish to the ceiling. But, the cabinetry stole the show in this bathroom. It was very plain to begin with, but had very interesting applied appliques and ornamentation.

We base coated all the cabinets in White Setcoat followed by a beautiful Pearl FauxCreme glaze. We then applied gold leaf to different appliques and hand painted the different ornamentation. We even used a clear mother-of-pearl foil for the inside of the shell ornament to make it look just like the inside of a shell.

We do a good amount of cabinetry work, but this was a real treat. It is not often you come across a set of cabinets so unique with a client who is willing to let you have your way with them.

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