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Master Decorative Artist

Eric is a world-renowned award-winning decorative artist whose work puts him in the top tier of his profession

Signature Luxury Collections

“Surround yourself with luxury, you deserve it” Eric Spiegel

Celebrating 35 years Of Decorative Finishing

Thirty-five years and thousands of clients later, Eric is left with an artistic & creative sense and sensibility to create unique and masterful decorative finishes ideal for furnishing your design.

Performer, Singer Songwriter

An accomplished performer, musician and songwriter. Creativity has been the lifeblood of Eric Spiegel’s professional endeavors.

Creativity is the lifeblood of Eric Spiegel’s professional endeavors. He is a world-renowned award-winning decorative artist whose work puts him in the top tier of his profession. His firm, Spiegel’s Decorative Finishes, is one of the most successful faux-finishing businesses in Southwest Florida.

Eric began his decorative painting career more than three decades ago, establishing himself in upstate New York as a faux finisher specializing in historic renovations. Some of his impressive early work involved restoring historic government and bank buildings in the state capital of Albany and the famous Victorian Painted Lady houses in Saratoga Springs.

Moving to Florida in the mid-1990s, Eric further honed his reputation by providing the highest-quality finishes to grace the homes and commercial businesses of his clients. Positioning himself on the leading edge of the latest wall décor trends, Eric prides himself on staying on the cutting edge of new and innovative industry trends. From glass beads and organic mica to the latest plasters from Italy. He is constantly researching and developing new finishes to bring more value and innovative design options to his clients. Eric has adapted to market changes and has built an impressive portfolio that encompasses a full range of contemporary, transitional and traditional finishes.

Decorative painting is not Eric?s only notable talent. He also is an accomplished musician and songwriter. Applying musical thought processes to the decorative arts, Eric treats the homes of his clients as a single composition, pulling the various rooms and elements together to achieve the perfect harmony, balance and dynamics.

Having established the persona of ?Dr. Faux,? throughout the industry, Eric (aka Dr. Faux) is well sort after for his ?prescriptions? to cure your ailing walls. He has been published in many of the industries top books on faux finishing and is frequently featured in many trade magazines that are distributed throughout the world. His talent in the area of decorative finishing run the gamut of finishes, from expert Venetian plastering, specialty textures & gilding to masterful faux wood grains and marbles even including exotic jewel stones like opal, malachite and lapis. Eric approaches the work of replicating these finishes with the utmost respect, integrity and craftsmanship. ?I like to consider I am paying tribute rather than impersonating these elements,? Eric says, ?for no one can truly compete with Mother Nature.?