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Everybody Must Get Stoned

By October 25, 2016blog

Everybody Must Get Stoned: Creating Stone Looks in Naples Fl. Interiors

Does your Naples, Florida interior need an upgrade? Decorative finish expert, Eric Spiegel of Speigel’s Decorative Finishes explains why everybody must get stoned with faux stone finishes!

Creating stone block finishes with paint and plaster go back to the beginnings of Faux. This organic form of design has withstood all the trends in design, from Old World to New World.

Stone block walls can make the perfect accent wall or entry hallway for any style interior design.

Before: Here is the before shot of the wall and mantle. Originally the client had just wanted me to do something with the mantle only. They asked me my thoughts, which can be dangerous sometimes!

My mind started racing and the ideas started coming. I thought it would be more of an impact to have a “focal wall” rather than a focal mantle. Especially with that nice screen TV, calling out for something strong and elegant to hang its beautiful self on.

While we’re at it lets invite those sad looking side cabinets to our party!

The Rendering: With the help of one of my crew members, we sketched out the plan.

They approved it, we applied it, now they enjoy it! “That’s how we roll at Spiegel’s Decorative Finishes Inc.”

So if you need a new look for your Home

Everybody Must Get Stoned!

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