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Decorative Painting on Metal Elevator Doors in Naples Fl.

By October 24, 2016blog

“I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them.”

― Elizabeth Taylor

Entry doors are the first and last visual impression upon entering and exiting your home. Why not make it a lasting impression!

In single family homes our clients go through great lengths and expense to have beautiful entryway doors. For the clients that live in high rise condominiums, in many their entry, is an Elevator door.

These doors are usually factory painted and not very attractive. They give one a feeling of a more industrial or commercial space, not a luxurious residence. Also, most clients don’t realize that this is not a “dead end street/door” ? and there are so many decorative possibilities for these metal doors.

At Spiegel’s Decorative Finishes Inc., we have a popular saying around here, “There are No Problems only Solutions”

This is a typical elevator entryway. I will let the picture speak for itself.

Once we properly prepare and prime the door, it literally becomes a blank canvas for a world of decorative opportunities. As in a case like the picture above we decided to extend the look of the silk wallpaper. It is a very small space that is cut up by a few doors already. By blending the door into the wallpaper, we made the space bigger and less broken up. Leaving room for perhaps a mirror or artwork to steal the show.

The photos below are just a few of the many elevator doors we have created.

This Renaissance stencil design over an antiqued patina’d door with Silky Venetian Plaster walls, set the stage for this 11,000sq ft. Penthouse overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Lusterstone Harlequin patterned doors with faux painted Travertine marble casings give this lobby a classic and timeless look.

Lusterstone walls and doors with a continuing wave/ribbon unite this contemporary Elevator lobby and set the stage, for a very interesting living space.

This Faux Woodgrained metal door with painted inlays of Walnut Travertine, Black Granite, and Ornate Stencils along with Rich Coco Venetian Plaster walls leaves a lasting impression to whomever walk in and out of these doors!
Make your Elevator door an extension of your design!

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